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DIY bike rack

Here a project dedicated to all cycling passionates, but surely, not only.

One bike, several helmets, riding clothes, riding shoes and many other stuff. No clue where to storage your equipment?
It's time to build a multi-functional bike rack! A DIY furniture, super easy to make, practical and unique in its genre!

Thanks to PlayWood assembly system, you can create many modular, versatile, re-assemblable pieces
of furniture
, without giving up on freedom to re-design them.

In order to assembly this bike rack, few materials are necessary: wooden boards and PlayWood connectors shoppable on-line.
We suggest fir boards, a wooden bar and two metallic hooks to block the bike once on the rack.
It's very important to remember that all the boards have to be between 16 mm and 19 mm in thickness
(3/4" and 7/8").

To assemble this project:

4fir layers boards 16" x 12"
6fir layers boards 24" x 16"
2fir layers boards 60" x 16"
1fir layers board 75" x 16"
2metallic hooks
1wooden bar Ø 1" L 4-1/5ft.
32PlayWood connectors 90°
1Allen key #5

First, assemble the basement, by constructing 3 rectangles, where to store up small stuff.

After that, develop the structure in a vertical sense, by adding longer boards: create a sort of wardrobe,
where to secure two metallic hooks. Here you are going to storage the bike after your daily workout.

Once the rack is done, start drilling the side boards to stick the bar in and create a sort of coat rack.

Result: a practical, functional, easy-to-make furniture and a great solution to optimize at best all the spaces.