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Maison Ventidue: the home becomes studio and the studio becomes home

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Realizing an innovative project it’s not easy and it has never been.
Innovative means to be against those rules and habits that too often make people distrustful.
One night, going home from work, I was wondering: why should people use our product (an object never seen before)? And, who are these people?
Once at home, I opened my computer and browse the web.
I found out that people attracted by innovative and “out of the ordinary” products are simply, people who see a great opportunity in every change.

Maison Ventidue

Expressing your own creativity is a need. Creatives know it.An “unusual force” that pushes all ideas outwardly and for this reason, creative people since ever try to collaborate to canalize these flows of ideas and transform them into real projects.
So, we arrived in Bologna, a city where arts and history shine in each street corner, porch or Church of the center, a city representing an important cultural hub and which boasts the oldest University in the world.

Here, every year, the so-called Bologna Design Week, takes place, an international fair dedicated to the promotion of design culture in Emilia Romagna, our region.
This initiative, organized in the city historical center, is an event which locates and links together in a unique project different excellences: cultural, educational, creative, productive and distributive.
The third edition registered more than 150 participants, located in many places.
In this context, we find Maison Ventidue, a house which is also an exhibit space for events and performances.

Inside the apartment, a group of artists and professionals work in a place which is not an art gallery, not a theatre, but a place able to guarantee a critical, close and intimate encounter with the public.
Several projects have been realized, but one of the most interesting is definitely HOMEMADE design, project which has the aim to change the site specific artist residency into a new practice for interior design planning.

We couldn’t miss this opportunity so unique in its genre, we had to be present inside Maison Ventidue project.
The apartment, modern but welcoming, is partially furnished with PlayWood modular system, chosen for the essentiality of our designs combined with the functionality of our assembly system.
In this place, meeting point of artists and professionals, our furniture have perfectly fit, becoming a tool to express creativity.
A combination of simplicity and aesthetics has been the winning feature to meet the philosophy of this Cultural Association.

Maison Ventidue not only appreciated our idea, but let us enter their creative space.
Great satisfaction to see our tables furnish a “home” for artists and professionals of design.
A unique opportunity in our local territory, so close and far the the same time, a cultural context complex and structured. Again, an example of collaboration rising from similar needs and ending in an excellent result.

Don’t wait, get inspired and join us by telling your own story with PlayWood!
We believe in the change as a rule in our daily life.
The home furniture we relax on, the style of clothes we wear, the music we listen to, foods we eat. Run into new challenges, explore unknown places, meet different people in order to open your mind.
Every Tuesday, we’ll gather examples of people who showed not to be afraid of change.