Improve your small spaces



Improve your small spaces


How many times you would need an extra support or simply make a small place more functional?
This mini project is going to simplify your life! With two or four connectors, you can create - in only 5 minutes - a raised support to be located where you wish: on a shelf, on a table, in your kitchen as well as in your room. A small, minimal and practical object, thought to be used in thousands different ways.
Simplicity is one of the core principles of our way of working: functional but aesthetically pleasant objects, able to satisfy all the needs, even the most difficult ones.
Get inspired, you will be surprised by how many things you can create with our connectors!
Discover the main concept of assembling and make your house more functional. 

The core concept

Improve your small spaces
Improve your small spaces
Improve your small spaces

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