PlayWood system 3 Hex Packs Bundle

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3 Hex Packs Bundle

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This bundle consists of 6 packs of 105° connectors and 3 pack of 150° connectors, for a total of 36 connectors. Thought for great projects, by saving money.

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6 packs of 105° connectors and 3 pack 150° connectors.

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PlayWood examples of use
PlayWood examples of use

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Examples of use

Discover what you can do with Hex bundle!
Combine multiple connectors to create more complex shapes.

PlayWood examples of use

Hexagonal structures

Each hexagonal module is made with 4×150° connectors and 8×105° connectors.
Each connector includes a stainless steel screw that allows it to be used outdoors, with all types of boards with a uniform thickness between 3/4 and 7/8 inch (19/22 mm). These dimensions range complies with the most common panels available on the market.

Honeycomb bookcase

Combine three or more modules together to build a unique and stylish honeycomb bookcase!
Your furniture can be easily disassembled, stored flat-pack and moved from place to place.
Enjoy adding as many levels as you like, just by building more modules.

PlayWood examples of use

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